Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This morning I saw this and had a chuckle

So very true!!

And while i am thinking about kids and saving a buck, I have some very exciting news. 

Cassy at Sealed with a Kiss has been adding new items to her amazing range. Sealed with a kiss creates simply gorgeous pieces. 

Special touches to help make your wedding day magical, One of a kind baby wear and manchester, Stunning children's play tents and a wide range of bedroom decor. Her store is extremely well priced especially for the fantastic quality of product.

Beautifully made kids tent

Gorgeous wall stickers

Hand crafted wedding pillows

Lovely children's wear

Get in now and place your order..I can't wait to place mine!!
Be sure to visit Cassy's store on face book - Sealed with a kiss

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You may now call me crankenstein

Dear Radio Rentals,

The Daddy Man and i have been in a 36 month contract with you for the past 32 months and i am not happy with the service i am receiving. You see three months ago your unsturdy television we had opted to rent/buy, fell on top of my four year old daughter and the screen shattered to pieces.

 For 32 months we had been paying accidental damage insurance yet you say you cannot help us? The Daddy Man has called your store many times over the past few weeks to be told he would receive a call back regarding this problem...he is still waiting. 

In The little cherry house our dollars are very important you see, so when we come home from a thrifty trip at the shops to find a 'Pay now or we are taking your shit' letter in our front door, we get pretty pee'd off. Why are you asking us to pay for a product that we do not have and were under the assumption was being repaired?

 The Daddy Man finally got through to your store manager to be told the television wasn't being repaired or replaced and that we had to continue paying for the remainder of the contract. I do not understand. We have a contract and for 32 months now we have kept up our side of said contract, you however have not. We have had our washing machine 'fixed', and i say fixed lightly, by you guys over and over again and it always stuffs up  within a month. Now you are telling me that the $5000 i have paid you over the past few years will be kept by you and i will receive nothing in return? GIANT HOGWASH!!

 After learning of our television fate i googled your company and fell upon a long list of disgruntled customers who you have also ripped off, and although i am not a famous blogger as yet i am going to tell my tiny fan base all about your rip off nature. I'm not sure if you were aware but the Internet is a fantastic place to have your company praised but it seems that your fuckwit-itis has created many an enemy!

You are probably also not aware that The Daddy Man worked for many years in a similar line of career and will not be taking this lying down. Are you prepared to have your ass kicked in a giant money losing way?

Your sincerely Ozzie Thrift Mumma.
PS. I hope a dog does a giant poo in your lunch time sandwhich, without you being aware!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Clean Teeths i say!!

My 'babies' Cgirl and Hboy who are three and four years old, love nothing more than to clean their teeth. 
Not once or twice a day, but any damn chance they get!!

Because of this fact i have taken out shares in toothbrushes.
You see these two gremlins don't just clean their teeth to the point where they have silver bling on top of their teeth. 


They also hide/lose/feed to the dog every toothbrush they can get their hands on. It does not matter how high i put them, they sniff them out like freshly baked muffins!
It doesn't matter if i hide them in sneaky spots(then cant remember where), my 'babies' seek and destroy.
 Unfortunately once a toothbrush has hit the toilet bowl or dogs gums or even my sparkly clean filthy kitchen floor they are no longer use able...CRANKY FACE

Buying toothbrushes is a weekly occurrence for me, I'm positive the checkout ladies in coles think i have some tooth cleaning fetish, or maybe they assume I'm a germaphobe. They apparently cannot see the lettuce leaves growing out of my teeth because i haven't been able to brush them that morning. Do you know how expensive buying 6 toothbrushes weekly is. I have had to resort to buying $1 specials to save 'The Daddy Man's' bank account demise. 

We may possibly go broke!


Facebook Frenzy

Is it a race to see who can make more fool of them self or just stupidity?

 Why do couples air their dirty laundry all over face book??

I can tell you i take no delight in logging in to see ' This is what my crap boyfriend just said to me' or ' My wife is a scrag and i want to sleep with her sister'. I mean seriously have you no shame? I venture to face book daily (call Face book anon) and really do not want to see a rerun of days of our lives all over peoples walls.
bad mmkay??
Have you no dignity or self respect?? 

The cracker is though, these idiots kiss and make up and tell the world all is okay now...However the idiocy they just displayed is imprinted on 434..1021... 19 or however many friends you have minds.

No only is this ultimate douchbagery but it makes me want to delete your ass!!
it needs this button

I do laugh at the people who comment on said idiots posts. *oh honey, you would be better off without him* or "kick that bitch to the curb man, she is a waste of space". Commenter's you do realise that once their tiff wears off and their relationship bliss resumes that you will be left with at least one less friend.

I get it, we all fight. We all bicker and whinge and sook and cry. But does it have to be on such a public domain? I call it attention seeking and i do NOT care!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

When cheap is enough

In my parenthood discovery i have found this whole diverse world on how much and how little parents pay for things and what other parents define as a bargain.

My children have only ever worn designer pieces of clothing if they are bought second hand or a rich (rich peoples kids wear designer wear) family/friend has given them to us. 

Here at The Little Cherry House, we have no choice but to stretch our dollars as far as we can. This is why i have a few criteria's on picking up a bargain when I'm shopping.

  1. I only buy children's clothing when it is on sale or under $10 a piece ( i have 4 kids and a small bank account balance so come on!!)
  2. Although i stick to point 1 most of the time, i will purchase expensive items IE: cartoon character clothing as gifts,  birthday and Xmas. But never exceed $20 a piece.
  3. If an item is on sale i will purchase 1 or 2 of the next two sizes up 
  4. I regularly shop in thrift stores. Kids grow way too fast and you can usually pick up clothing in fantastic condition for half price or less than what you would pay brand new.
  5. I buy expensive shoes when they are on special

Stores like Kmart and big W are fantastic for shopping for kids clothes on a budget. Kmart often has shirts and tops for boys and girls for around $4 a piece, perfect for daycare or at home. They also have discontinued sales often through the seasons and have amazing post season sales. I pick up alot of my chillies clothing for the next year in these sales.

When it comes to furniture i am a bit of a recycler. If it doesn't look crash hot slap a tin of paint on it. If it isn't very sturdy, fix it up!
When it came to my children's nurseries most of the furniture was hand me downs or thrift shop/eBay bargains. You would be amazed at what a dash of paint and a touch of decal can do for an old cot or wardrobe!

I have always believed that one persons trash is another persons treasure. Why throw things away when they are perfectly good? There are plenty of people out there who would gladly accept the gift of something you no longer want.

kids won't put their skateboards away

Your Husband leaves his beer bottles around and you need somewhere for your books
Saving money is something we can all do with a little creativity.

 $200 off the lounge suite bought at the correct time can go into a bank account for a holiday! I'd much prefer a holiday full of lasting family memories than a gold plated couch.

Mum's who love their wine

Give it a try, for 3 months only buy things on special or from a thrift shop - Then see how many $$ you have saved!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


The Daddy Man and i watched this movie last night and for the first time in about 8 years i actually sobbed.

 In our little cherry house we don't do alot through the week and never do much on school nights so watching movies and TV shows is something that keeps the daddy man and i entertained while the chillies snore. Along with baking and crafting (who am i kidding i don't have time for craft and i suck at it!!) and cleaning, i love nothing more than to watch a good comedy or horror.

Anyway so we saw 50/50 last night and wow!!! one word sums it up. Usually i will trawl every review i can of a movie before seeing it, however this one was watched on a whim. It said it had Seth Rogan in it. Yes he's a dickhead but sometimes hes soooo frikken funny. So i figured it was a comedy. It was very funny sure, but it had so many sad and character loving parts that i found myself wiping my face so The Daddy Man didn't call me a giant sook and laugh. He didn't though because he was crying himself!!!

I thought 50/50 was very realistic and showed the ups and downs of cancer these days.

Note : The Daddy Man isn't a crier so it was definitely love provoking.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Insomnia - Doesn't it just keep you up at night..oh wait...

Insomnia is something i have suffered for years. I think it started when my babies were little and woke up every 15 minutes second hour and demanded to be fed and changed and cuddled and anything else they needed right that second!! Then my PND kicked in and decided sleeping was not for this little duck.

Most people know i am a night owl. Whether it be anxiety keeping me awake (i can lay thinking about a phone call or appointment for the following day for hours), stress (what time are the chillies going to wake me up??), excitement (oh my god it's shopping day tomorrow, I'll be leaving the house yay!) or thinking about what to blog next. Either way i lay next to The Daddy Man for hours with my mind ticking over thinking about all sorts of stuff.

The past few years i have taken to picturing myself in movies or books i have seen/read, playing heroic roles or escaping zombies and that usually sends me to snooze land after an hour or three. I have tried sleeping pills which are great, except my eyes don't want to open when my alarm blares into my ear drums at 6am. Sometimes i just stay up and watch movies or read books for hours on end and eventually i drop off. I have even tried the counting sheep way - That sucks!! They recommend an adult should get at least 8 hours of unbroken sleep a night to be functional and healthy. No wonder I'm a demon mother every morning and drag my feet around like a sloth.

Every time i have a bout of insomnia i stay awake until at least 4 or 5am and then attempt to catch a few hours of shut eye before being bounced on by the chillies. Which makes me a monster mummy. I bark orders and stomp around until The Daddy Man has enough and tells me to go and have a nap. Isn't he grand??

Alas i wish i was allergic to insomnia, my life would be bliss!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am going out woot!

Tonight is one of the rare occasions that 'The Daddy Man' and i get to go out..and boy am i excited.
We are going to our fave club which should be reallll interesting! A few months ago a shit storm went down between myself and a crazy ass fellow patron...i have been back since but have taken the back bench lately to avoid getting cranky smacking someone in the face . Tonight i shall ignore said crazy birds and have some fun!!

My wonderful mummy will be babysitting for us this evening. This rocking old bird (by old i mean 44), comes over for the night while the kids sleep. Drinks plenty of coffee, uses my computer for her self taught lessons in 'Facebook 101' and reads my latest books all the while 'babysitting'...sweet right??

We enjoy these nights out when we can be us and not mum and dad for a few hours. Drink alcohol without stressing over the kids, dance till our feet feel like they will fall off and complete sentences with one another. Sounds like bliss to me

Have a good night buddies!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

'The Daddy Man' is turning older!!

                                       got this from here

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful man i have ever met!!! You complete our lives and make us smile every day!!. We adore you so very much and love you with all our hearts. We hope you have an amazing day/night/week...Lots of love Me, Tman, Jman, Cgirl and Hboy

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

~~ Things that make me smile ~~

Velcum to Terrific Tuesday! I am someone who makes mummy smile. Hboy.

  • The way 'The Daddy Man goes out of his way for his family so much
  •  How hard 'The Daddy Man' works for his family
  • The way my kids all squeel and run to 'The Daddy Man' whenever he comes home from work...scrap that..anywhere
smile worthy right? Jman and Tman

  • Jman asking me if i can make more "cheesecakes", because they were delicious. Even though they were cheese muffins.
  • My little girls hair all grown back after she hacked half of it off!. She is simply beautiful.
After she had hacked it off :(

  • Watching my children jump sky high on their new trampoline. Even if 'The Daddy Man' didn't put it up until dusk.
  • Chinese's as fatty as hell but i may as well make the most of my treat for the week!

Bye bye, fatstuff!

I had a bit of a set back today. Basically I'm trying really hard at the moment to lose weight.

 A few months ago i learned that i was prediabetic and this has scared the beejesuz out of me. As a teenager i was quite lean and a great runner so i guess my weight gain started  after i gave birth to a very sick baby, 10 years ago. She passed away and i turned to food to cope.

 Growing up my sisters and i rarely ever had takeaway food or sugary goodies, mum always made home cooked meals. Back then having takeaway once or twice a year was the norm. Not like now when its once a week or more for most families.

 I guess when i left home and discovered this whole new world of prepackaged food i got excited. I started spending big dollars on every meal coming from one or the other, of the nasty food chains. When i left home I didn't know how to cook very well ( meals consisted of meat slabs and frozen veggies), and i found it rather boring to learn. Measuring and weighing ingredients along with cooking on temperatures other than high seemed very foreign to me. When i discovered the sordid world of laden fat food i went wild. Deep fried anything was and has always been my biggest weakness. Even up until 'The Daddy Man and i had been together for a few years we ate crap. total and utter artery blocking crap!!
 It was only when we had a family and realised that fast food for more than two mouths costs a fortune  did we start learning how to make delicious nutritious meals.

However i have always over indulged. Bad foods constantly screamed (still do) at me to just have one taste, which ALWAYS ended up in me binging in shocking amounts. About 2 years ago i really tried to lose weight. I tried a weight loss drug and lost about 30kgs in 3 months. However the second i stopped taking it, the weight seemed to pile on with a vengeance.

 My depression never helped, food was comfort as opposed to fuel. Taste filled my body with happy endorphins and took my mind of my life worries. But it also made me gain weight at an alarming rate. I know I'm not shocking to the eye (clothed) and i have had a number of people tell me how pretty i am, if only i wasn't so fat!

3 months ago I'd had enough and decided that at 25 years of age i need to rectify this problem so i am around to see my grand babies. I also want to be fitter so that i can play with my kids properly, run again, and have the energy i miss so very much. So for 3 months straight i have been walking, 2kms nearly every day. I still have occasional binge outs and i know I'm not eating enough of the right foods, but i have been slowly changing my behaviours. Unfortunately today the scales tell me i haven't lost anything, not a love handle, not a back boobie, a BIG FAT nothing!!!

But like in the past i can either choose to give up, have a giant sook and eat some kfc. Or i can decide to work harder and exercise more, eat better and really change things! I have decided to choose the latter, I have to try harder.
 My goal is to wear a size 12 denim skirt, without wobbly bits hanging over my waist band!

 Years ago i read this book The clothesline diet and it really inspired me, this woman was so embarrassed about her size that she stomped around her clothesline for weeks on end and slowly but surely she burnt the dreadful extra kilograms. She had her own sufferings and sadness, along with a beautiful family that she knew she had to get fit for. She did it and i know i can too!

 I have looked into diets and exercise plans, but right now i;m not the most organised person. With 4 chillies and 'The Daddy Man' to look after i don't get much free time. And when i do i much prefer doing things like going shopping or getting my hair/nails done. I do however walk our boys to school and back every afternoon. It exhausts all of us but daily i see my energy levels raising. I guess my whole point to this post is, I want to survive that dreaded 'O' word (obesity). My sisters are both fit and healthy, they have kids so i cant use that excuse.

So it's time to harden up and lose this FAT!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

I'll sit over here other mothers!!

You have all seen them, the group of cackling geese that surround your child's classroom just before the bell goes every afternoon. The women who all look up at you, as you walk past and then turn to whisper about you like a sheep that hasn't joined their flock. The housewives who have been offended because you didn't come to their candle, beauty, collagen, Tupperware parties. They gawk like crows at the magpie who is different.

But seriously what can i do???

I don't want to attend your shitty parties. Sitting for hours sipping wine and bitching about your husbands latest text messages that he got from "that SL*T", really doesn't appeal to me. Hearing about your evil mother/father/sister in law will DEFINITELY make me fall into a deep slumber and gossiping about which child's mother forget to disinfect their child's runners that morning is depressing!!

When i was a kid i always wished my mum and dad socialised with the other parents of my school friends. They always did their own thing and stood to the side to await our daily departure and I'd sigh. Parents of my friends would send home invitations to bbq's and Tupperware bitch fests parties, and my mother would toss them in the bin! One day i asked my dad, "how come you don't make friends with the other parents?, so and so's dad is really awesome". He looked at me and stated that they were not like most parents and that made me feel reallly weird. I think I'm starting to understand why

Before my oldest started school i envisioned myself holding down a full time canteen job while juggling play dates and dinner parties. Laughing with the other parents about what funny things our children say and what they chose to dress themselves in that morning. Discussing recently read books, funny movies and jokes. Knowing all of their names and having a fantastic support network of parents.

I started to question my visions of a full filled mummy hood when i first started attending the mothering groups in my local area when Tman was a baby. I was placed in a young mothers group and immediately knew i wasn't "the same". We started off with 20 mothers and newborns. i was the only 18 year old who breast fed. I listened to an hour a week about how much easier putting baby on the bottle was and hearing about how men suck.

I envisioned this

I got this :(
It then progressed to Tman's first term in prep. I thought 'okay, Ive had years away from all the mothering idiots, maybe they would have all grown up by now?'. I was wrong. I was invited to parties and to host stalls. Asked to join the p & c, fundraising etc. But i have a really frikken busy life!! I did attend a few events here and there but really got sick of the whinging and bitchy and carrying on. That was it!!

Jman is in prep this year and the Tman's buddies evil mothers have all shunned me. I tend to ignore them and enjoy the conversations i have when my squidlets finish their awesome day. But something is really bugging me.
Jman has 2 little besties, one was having a birthday party and pretty much all of his class were invited. He wasn't!!! His besties mum and i had chatted on and off and all was friendly. She had invited us around sometime without a definate date and i fully intended to go. 3 days before Jman's bestie's birthday i asked her how the party plans were coming along etc and slipped in a sly 'so how come jman wasn't invited??' Her response was that she figured he wouldn't come because she has heard from other mothers that i am anti social!!

That breaks my heart. How is it fair that just because i was born with a limited gossiping bone that my child misses out? It's something i need to think on. Join the devil and give him what he deserves or ignore and hold our heads high!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to make mummy blush 101

Most days i adore my children. "The boys" are in prep and year one this year so Cgirl and Hboy keep me company through the days.

 I take such delight in picking my sons up from school and asking them how their day was. I love hearing about counting and activities, who they played with and whether their teacher was cranky or not ( makes me feel less evil when I'm grouchy). "The babies" and i walk to collect them every afternoon. The round trip takes about an hour because we live a kilometre away from school. So every arvo at 2pm off we push, Hboy in the pram and Cgirl dawdling behind. Walking gives us a chance to talk about how much better girls are than boys, how Cgirl wishes everything was pink and we play 5 or 6 rounds of i spy.

This afternoon nothing was different and off we went. After Cgirl had three or four drinks at the water troughs and decided she needed the toilet right then, the bell went. Tman always meets us at Jmans classroom so as i walked up to the class i could see him standing waiting. After kisses and hugs and Jman being let out, we began our journey home.

As we began leaving the school Cgirl decided she needed a sit down break. We ventured over to the seats they have outside of the school, in a handy little courtyard and all sat down for a chat.

 The Jman, "the babies" and i were discussing his day while the Tman stood behind us in one of the child friendly (i think that's what they are there for) garden beds. After about 5 minutes of chatter and me asking if we could leave (dinner needs to be cooked eventually??). Little Mr Jman stopped and looked up at me. His face looked like he had been slapped with a fish. As He stared up at me he declared as loud as his 5 year old voice could go "mum did you know you have a giant moustache???". As my face turned  a shade of beetroot red. The other mothers and fathers exiting the school started looking at me to find out for themselves if i did indeed resemble groucho Marx,At this point i was attempting to shh the Jboy. But apparently my efforts at telling him to be quiet fell on deaf ears, because Jboy decided to yell to his brother, behind me, that mummy had a giant red moustache. I decided at that point that we were leaving and attempted to make a hasty exit down the street. But not before Jboy decided to tell his best friend, his best friends mother and the lolly pop lady all about his mothers moustache and asking if they also had one.

Apparently this is me

Needless to say i will be using my facial hair removal cream tonight and making a point of showing him my bald top lip tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Now that Christmas is upon us again we will be enjoying our usual family routines and traditions..I was thinking tonight about last Christmas. I bought The Daddy Man a Santa costume, fully expecting him to NOT wear it. The Daddy Man usually puts Ebenezer Scrooge to shame with his "bah humbugitis", so i was expecting lots of No's and shaking of the head. However he seemed to have been bitten by the Xmas bug and decided to dress up and be an awesome daddy by giving the kids a visit on Christmas as the fat man himself!!

 We planned for weeks about how to pull it off, we did a few dress and voice rehearsals and hoped for the best. We had the outfit perfected albeit The Daddy Man would be wearing a pair of his own shoes, with boot looking covers. We wernt too concerned because the kids would be so excited to see Santa that they wouldn't even bother looking for imperfections, or would they? The kids are getting bigger and far more attentive now that they are older, so we knew we had to be sneaky in order to fool them.

So Christmas morning The daddy Man went for a walk 10 houses up to his nan's to give her some pressies. While he was gone Santa came waddling down our street (much to the amusement of the parents and children already playing with their new bikes and scooters) and knocked on our door. I knew he was coming because of a sneaky text message so was awaiting his arrival. 

As i opened the door i feigned shock and surprise and let the kids know that they had a very important visitor. In came Santa with his over sized pillowed belly and his scruffy white beard. A few ho ho's and hugs and squeals out of the kids and we thought we were on a roll! We had fooled them and delighted their day!! ....or so we thought. 

The jman who was 5 has always been a touch shy and was smirking. I asking him "jman aren't you excited..Santa is here!!!" The Jman looked at this imposter with shady eyes and said with confusion"you talk like my dad". Santa was shocked and told him that maybe he sounded the same because he had been driving his sleigh for so long to get here from the north pole. I stepped in and told him that sometimes peoples voices sound the same and that i was positive that this was the jolly old guy. The daddy man attempted a range of different accents for his next few sentences to try and hide his voice while i almost collapsed with a shocking case of the giggles.The Jman seemed to accept this and carried on in excitement. 

After about 15 minutes Santa's time was up so he said his good byes and started heading out the door. However as he went to leave Mr Tman who was 6 then told him "i know your not Santa because you are wearing my dad's shoes". At this stage i tried to divert their attention as Santa waddled back up the street.

This story is something The Daddy Man and i have laughed about over the past year and the story has been told around the family and to friends too many times to count. We realised that kids find every little stuff up and that they had their suspicions.

Now that Christmas is about to hit us once again we have been talking about last year quite a bit in "The Little Cherry House" and yesterday the Tman said to me "that wasn't really Santa last year was it mum?". I said "of course darling why would you say that?". He looked at me with wariness and said "then why was he wearing dad's shoes???"

Tonight i asked the Daddy Man if he'd be dressing up again this year. He said "yep but I'll be wearing my boots"...i think we are going to need luck, ALOT of luck!!

Has your child ever caught or nearly caught you playing the S man??

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We are a family of 6. We live in a tiny house, i call it our house of cherry blossoms. The kids rooms are tiny and ours isn't much bigger than a shoebox. The kitchen is ancient and so outdated that my nan gasps, the bathroom is a pale colour of gross and the yard resembles a jungle. But for now it works and we are happy, which is what is important. I've always dreamt of a mansion or some professionally designed house. But i also know with my chillies, it would last about 15 minutes. Then it would be competing for "largest hovel" of the year!!

Unfortunately I'm not competing against Martha Stewart in the "home keeper of the year" awards. We live simply, 2nd hand furniture, hand me downs with a splash of brand new here and there. I have never been an over materialistic person. Life is way too short for me to buy an expensive oil painting or vase. After all i live with children who I'm positive are a close descendant of zoo monkeys.

My oldest 2 sons are 16 months apart and have been best friends since the day they met. We call them the "boys" Tman is 7 and Jman is 5.  These days rather than the oldest running off cheekily with  the youngests bottle. They are having knock down drag outs that would inspire ufc fighters...over what you ask?? LEGO!!

My little 2 we call the "babies", although the youngest is now 3. Cgirl is 4 and Hman 3. Once upon a time i thought the boys were the naughtiest cheekiest monkeys born, then i met these two!! I am positive they take turns switching between being miniature versions of Mr Hyde or Dr Jekyll. Their favourite past times are flooding sinks, filling toilets with paper (and occasionally toys) and dumping packing of flour all over my kitchen.

My one true saviour who i could never survive without is The Daddy Man. This guy is amazing. Gorgeous, tall, dark, handsome. He has the most loyal and kindest personality and is filled with passion. He will guide lost dogs off roads in peak hour traffic, and cook us dinner every night for the rest of his life, just so that we don't continually contract food poisoning from my "cooking". However, he is quite anti marriage and has regular bouts of acting like a 15 year old.

Then there is me - A chubby mumma on a never ending roller coaster to lose weight. I will be establishing goals and needing your encouragement!! I am also a natural redhead who seeks the shade at every opportunity. A net addict and a horror buff don't quite complete me, but im nothing fancy i swear;)! I am 25 years old, i figure what better time than now to begin searching for the real me!

I hope you enjoy the fun, laughter, tears, recipes, tips and whatever else i throw at you in way of my new blog