Sunday, March 4, 2012

When tummy's are grumbling feed them -

I am regularly asked as I do my weekly shopping how many children I have. Sometimes people also ask if I am "stocking up".
My weekly shop usually makes the trolley groan as I whiz in and out of aisles. Sometimes I think I need two trolleys, but with only two hands that isn't very practical.

Not only do we buy an assortment of crap toilet paper,soap,washing powder etc, there is always loads of food.
I buy alot of fresh produce. Fruit doesn't last long around these parts so I must buy loads!
I only buy milk in 3 litre lots or we run out quick smart. And bread is always in bulk.

I limit my children snacks to healthy foods or healthy alternatives.
The after school rush is very busy. We arrive home after a hectic nice leisurely walk and the first question out of the kids mouth is "whats for afternoon tea??".

Two weeks ago I was sent a large box by a company you all know as Sirena. 
After arguing with Cgirl that the present that came to the door was marked for me and not her, we opened it up and inside found packs of yummy goodness.

Their new snack packs are called Tonno E Riso.
These scrumptious little containers were delicious.
Basically it is a mix of tuna, veggies and rice...which come in 4 different flavours.
Rustic Bean
Italian salad
Puttenesca and
Spicy tomato

Now most of my kids aren't fans of seafood. Usually Tman and I split whatever tuna is about while the other kids turn their nose up.
But this taste testing went very differently.

Cgirls remarks were - Please can I have some more mummy, It's so yummy and I promise to eat my dinner.
Hboy's remarks were - mmmm Hyummy Mummy
Jboy's remarks were - Tuna? ewwww and then after trying them - Yummy mum are you sure its tuna?
Tmans remarks were - *slurppp* *smile*

So overall we had a winner. I thought they were pretty tasty and even hid a few for later snack-age.

I found the packs great for the kids to take for lunch.
They don't have any nasty artificial additives or preservatives.
They are also gluten free!
You can serve them cold or hot and they are quick and easy.
They taste delicious.
They are very well priced.

They can be used in a salad,sushi,with pasta, on sandwiches and in wraps.

Some facts on Sirena - 
Did you know that Sirena means mermaid in Italian?
Sirena have been supplying Australians with quality canned tuna for over 55 years. The creator Carlos Valmorbida immigrated from his homeland in 1946 and decided to introduce a new type of tuna with an Italian twist.

Final consensus in the O household says - Yum yum. these tasty little morsels will definitely become a regular snack in our house.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My what big teeth you have!!

A few years ago my wisdom teeth came in, nothing too painful, I didn't know what everyone whinged about.

Within 2 years my right hand bottom wisdom tooth has disintegrated and had to be removed.
I noticed a shift in my teeth alignment, previous to this I was always complimented on my straight teeth.

Last year I received a filling in the tooth next to my eye tooth (not sure what its called), it had a small crack and was fixed up quickly. Afterwards an abscess grew and after visiting the shoddy cheap dentist again, was given antibiotics and went on my merry way.
Within 3 months I had another abscess above the same tooth. I went back to the dentist (by this stage slowly going broke) and was given more antibiotics..and off I went.

I ate painkillers like they were tic tacs over a 4 day period. I likened the pain to squeezing my watermelons out.
It FUCKING hurt!!

Well guess what?? I am pretty sure as I type this I have another abscess, after speaking with my doctor today, I have to go and see my local hospital dental clinic in the morning to get it fixed.

I have had some panadol but the inflammation is comparative to a gobstopper sitting inside my cheek.
I also feel slightly light headed.

So tomorrow I will hopefully be getting this fixed.

I have never had an overly big fear of dentists. I think the most scariest part for me is to be told to clean my teeth more often. shame shame.

I do have fears about tomorrow.
I don't want to lose my tooth, I don't want to pay a fortune to fix my tooth.

As it's public health the process goes by a random number system. You are handed a number upon arrival at 6am and hope it is one of twenty that they will see that day. Shit!!!

Does anyone have some tips on pain relief for teeth?

I'm off to curl up with my doona, wait for The Daddy Man to get home from work and try not to sob.