Who am i?

Who am I and what am I about you ask?

Well my name is Debb (not Debbie or Deborah) and I am a Mummy.
I am 25 with 5 kidlets (you may now put on your shock face) who range from 3-10 years old.
I have a gorgeous boyfriend The Daddy Man who completes my dreams.
My interests include facebook stalking, getting fit, school run's, child slavery (when they listen to me), Book wormery, bargain hunting, cleaning avoidance and being a general dickhead.

10 things about me:

  1. I can sing and love karaoke
  2. I am terrified of lizards
  3. I have been stuck in a war for 10 years with postnatal depression
  4. I am a young mummy
  5. Chaos is my best friend, i wish it would dump me so i could be BFF with organisation!
  6. I am a massive horror fan
  7. I am slowly but surely becoming the person i want to be
  8. Bananas are my favourite food
  9. I am not a very good cook and have only this year started creating edible meals (i can however bake like a queen!!)
  10. My favourite colour is pink

I love to write and attempt to create. I have never been very good at arts and crafts or cooking but always amazing at shopping! I love to get quality for my money and the cheapest way the better. My kids are my life but im quite unconventional in my parenting ways. RAISED EYEBROWS.

I enjoy getting to know other bloggers and hope you enjoy my work!